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Psychosophic Type Identification In English

Тимур ПроцкийHello! My name is Timur Protskiy, head of “Archetype” center. I have 13-year experience in typing more than 5000 people on socionics and psychosophy.

Here is the information about the procedure of remote identification of Psychosophical type.

To identify your type you should reply to our special questions in a written form, and provide your text file to us for analysis.

Psychosophy remote typing from any place in the world

Standard report contains an indication of all psychosophic characteristics you expressed in your responses throughout the questionnaire as a whole + the final conclusion about your psychosophic type. The features are presented in the form of a table.

Advanced report contains a detailed indication of all psychosophic characteristics as a commentaries for each of your answer in the questionnaire + the final conclusion about your psychosophic type. 

You can examine questions of our questionnaire to make up in mind your possible answers.

Contact us if you have any questions or proposals: 

Order of your actions to get typing:
1. Choose and order the necessary typing variant by pressing green button and following payment instructions.
2. Download and fill in the questionnaire following the advice given in it. 
3. Send your completed questionnaire to our email and get the results within 7-9 days.


You can order any typing using any Mastercard or Visa banking card from any country of the world.