Socionic type identification in English

Socionic/Psychosophic Type Identification In English / Polish

Hello! My name is Timur Protskiy, head of “Archetype” center. I have 13-year experience in psychological analysis.

Here is the information about the procedure of remote identification of Psychological type

To identify your psychological type you should record a video with answers to our special questions, and provide your video to us for analysis.


4000 Russian rubles

~60 USD. Depends on current exchange rate

7000 Russian rubles

~100 USD. Depends on current exchange rate

You can order typing using any Mastercard or Visa banking card from any country of the world. The currency exchange will be made automatically in accordance with current rate.

You’ll get final conclusion concerning your socionic and/or psychosophic (psychological) types and our detailed descriptions of them with strong and weak functions, recommendations, etc.

You can examine questions of our questionnaire before making video record to make up in mind your possible answers.

Download questionnaire

Get 20% OFF from ordinary typing price

You can order remote socionic typing with 20% off if you are agree to provide your socionic video for publishing at our YouTube channel. Please make sure that your video meets our basic requirements — they are listed in the questionnaire.
You can watch some examples of socionic video interviews at our YouTube channel (click here).

4000 3200 Russian rubles

~40 USD. Depends on current exchange rate

7000 6200 Russian rubles

~80 USD. Depends on current exchange rate

Typing procedure:
1. Just order typing using green button. You’ll need to put your email (so we can identify your order) and then to pay with your Visa/MasterCard banking card.
2. Download the questionnaire here on this page. Make and send your typing video to our email (all necessary info is in the questionnaire file)
3. You’ll get the result within 7-9 days.

Contact us if you have any questions or proposals:
Timur Protskiy Facebook page